Charter Books Apparel

Charter Books Seal T-Shirt


The classic and original t-shirt for our Newport bookstore: worn by staff and diehard customers alike.

Charter Books Seal Zip Hoodie


Our most popular sweatshirt. Buy this if you want to fit in with the cool kids on Lower Broadway.

Charter Books Seal Crew Neck Sweatshirt


Comfy sweatshirts with our loudest and proudest logo - other booklovers will be able to spot you across the harbor.

Charter Books Logo Mark Die Cut Magnet 4" x 4"


Our distinctive logo on a big magnet. Slap it on your fridge or your fender and let them follow you to Charter Books.

Charter Books Seal Sticker 2" x 2"


These ain't your gradeschool stickers - they're stiff, sturdy, and stickier than an illegal MLB pitch.

Charter Books Bumper Sticker 7.5" x 1.5"


Don't own a car? That's OK! Slap it on a laptop, bike, or Amazon Prime delivery van.