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The Underground

The Underground

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Publication Date: May 7th, 2012
Wild West Publishing
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Imagine a world where women rule and men must cater to their every whim... or else. This is the backdrop of the futuristic dystopian America run by an iron-fisted Queen. Under the guise of ending sexual assaults against women, she requires unmarried twenty-six-year old men to be castrated. To further diminish men's rights, women are the only ones who can legally propose marriage. When the Queen's rebellious daughter, Shayla, falls in love with a commoner, the Queen refuses to condone the marriage. Shayla's lover, Nathaniel, is left with unsavory options. Everything changes once he is kidnapped into The Underground, a secret renegade organization on a mission to overthrow the extremist regime. They train Nathaniel to infiltrate high society. Once they release him, he is commanded to commit a violent act that could restore equality for men. That same act would kill any chances for a life with Shayla. Will he save his gender from another generation of abuse or follow his heart? This is a story of strength, determination, oppression and passionate love.

About the Author

Author, musician, and painter Ilana Katz Katz casts a wide net of creative endeavors. Her debut novel "The Underground" is a futuristic dystopian romance. Ilana's writing spans an array of arenas and her awards in fiction, journalism, and technical communications are a testament to her talents. In addition to being a writer, she is also an avid fiddler. While old-time southern music and blues are her mainstay, Ilana is also known to rock out with her band, One Wrong Turn. Her true love of performing takes her to Boston's subways where you can often find her entertaining passersby. Ilana is also a watercolor artist. In addition, she loves to run and has completed three marathons. She lives in Boston, MA and Newport, RI with her husband Warren and adorably lazy felines Boris and Squeaky.