The Second Half of 2021 Preview

Can you believe we have arrived at the midpoint of 2021? While it may be tempting to take a look back at the year so far, we're diving instead headlong into the future to preview the books we're most excited about in the second half.

I've been a bookseller for seven years and an avid reader for thirty, and I'm telling everyone with confidence that this is the best year of my lifetime for new books. Many authors' biggest books were held up by the pandemic in 2020, creating a logjam of amazing titles this fall. I can remember specific years when a book by Anthony Doerr or Colson Whitehead was THE BOOK that everyone wanted. Well, folks, Doerr and Whitehead (and many more) have new ones coming down the pike. Just about the only one missing here is Cormac McCarthy, whose next book has been teased for over five years.

This July, we're previewing the top picks of 2021's second half. There's so much to look forward to, but if you see something you want, pre-order it today! We all know how the supply chain can get stressed and broken in November and December, so if you have your eye on a title for yourself (or as a gift), order today and we'll make sure it's saved for you.

I've promised not to say too much - but we will have many of the below titles in signed first editions. The only way to guarantee a signed copy is by joining our Signed First Editions Club. When signing up, you can choose between 6-month12-month, or ongoing subscriptions. All signed copies will be allocated to subscribers first before we put anything on the shelf.

Finally, we are tentatively making plans for live, in-person events starting this September. Keep an eye on this newsletter and our social media for announcements about authors coming to Newport in 2021.